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Unofficialnicanon Yahoo group is changing to an email list by Dec 14th, 2019. In order to preserve the group the group was transferred to The name was changed at the same time to Nicotine Quit buddies as some had issues with the name "Unofficial". We are here to help each other stop smoking, chewing, vaping, an d stay stopped through the Nicotine Anonymous 12 step program. Individually members may also find other aids that help to get and stay quit. ( )
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  • NicotineQuitBuddies | GroupBusiness
    For all business related topics
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  • NicotineQuitBuddies | GroupFinances
    How about we make a subcategory in order to deal with any group finances?
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  • NicotineQuitBuddies | QuittingAroundProblemPeopleEvents
    Back in the late 90's I was trying to quit smoking. I was hanging by a thread. A problem person came by and I felt utterly discouraged. I had no defense at that time. This group is for those of us who need to share during those times. When responding the counsel is to share only what worked for us in a similar situation, to empathize, or just listen.
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  • NicotineQuitBuddies | VisitingRoom
    This is a Nicotine Anonymous visiting area where we can get to know each other.
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